Monash Council provides a diverse array of play opportunities for children throughout our network of 138 playspaces located in parks and reserves. By providing a breadth of playground experiences that range from small pocket playgrounds, with 3-5 place pieces, to regional destination playspaces (such as Valley Reserve in Mt Waverley), Council aims to provide a range of environments where children can explore, create, imagine, interact and reflect.

Under Consultation

Playspaces we're consulting on

Each year, Council seeks input from the community on how they would like to see playspaces in their area improved or upgraded. First we consult with the users of our playspaces: the children and families of Monash.

The input we receive from this playspace helps our designers develop concept plans which we then seek further feedback on.

Following this, the playspaces are constructed.

More playspaces will be added soon.

In progress

Consultation is now closed on the draft concept plans for the below playspaces.

Thanks for being involved in the consultation, these playspaces are now in the program ready for construction.