Project update


Monash Council provides a diverse array of play opportunities for children throughout our network of 139 (soon to be 141) playspaces located in parks and reserves.

By providing a breadth of playground experiences that range from small pocket playgrounds, with 3-5 play pieces, to regional destination play spaces (such as Waverley Park Lake and Valley Conservation Reserve), Council aims to provide a range of environments where children can explore, create, imagine, interact and reflect. A full list is available in the document library on this page.

The Monash Playground and Playspace Strategy 2025-2035 ensures we continue to have a planned, equitable and sustainable approach to the provision and management of playspaces in Monash.

Council adopted the Monash Playground and Playspace Strategy 2025-2035 at its 26 March 2024 meeting.

Read the Playground & Playspace Strategy 2025-2035

Our strategy's approach

Your feedback contributed to a proactive, sustainable and evidence-based approach to how playgrounds and playspaces in Monash are upgraded and managed. This feedback has been recorded in the Consultation Report available in the document library.

The new Monash Playground and Playspace Strategy 2025-2035 uses a holistic and systematic approach based on:

  • Strategic priorities, as identified in the Council Plan, Municipal Public Health Plan and the Monash Open Space Strategy
  • Industry best practice e.g. Play Australia principles and Australian and Monash standards for playground design
  • Benchmarking findings on playground provision and services levels provided by neighbouring Local Government Areas (LGAs)
  • Independent playground Condition Audit & Lifespan Data
  • Community consultation findings.