News update

The Carlson Reserve project involves the revitalisation and expansion of public open space at Carlson Reserve in Clayton to enhance family social recreation opportunities.

Project benefits to the Clayton community

The three-stage revitalisation project delivered the following benefits for the Clayton community:

  • Additional open space for passive recreation
  • New playspace with recreation infrastructure
  • New fitness equipment
  • General reserve improvements to visual amenity, accessibility, connectivity and safety
  • New recreational and social infrastructure, spaces, surfaces and pathways throughout the reserve to support recreational users especially families e.g. informal recreation, shade/shelters, picnic area and water feature etc.
  • Retaining and uplifting the existing shade sail
  • New and improved free public multi-sport hard courts with LED sports lighting for community use which can be used for tennis, futsal, basketball, and more
  • A new mural on the hit-up wall next to the multi-sport courts.

A modern, modular pavilion is currently under construction as part of additional works at the reserve. The new pavilion will include four change rooms, umpire's room, social space including kitchen and storage areas.

Stages of works

The Carlson Reserve revitalisation project initially included three stages of works to the playspace, forecourt area and multi-purpose courts. In 2024, additional works will take place to upgrade the pavilion and sportsground lighting.