Project update

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the community consultation on the bin collection changes.

This was our biggest community consultation to date, with over 7,000 contributions received

In numbers, we:

  • sent 99,434 letters to residential properties and ratepayers outlining the changes, with a QR code linked to the Shape Monash page where an opt-in survey could be completed and an information flyer on the changes to the service
  • conducted a random sample telephone survey of 800 Monash residents and focus groups (4 sessions, 6-8 persons in each) via an external market research company (JWS Research)
  • received 4,371 completed survey responses
  • spoke to 1,518 community members face to face at 29 pop-up stalls held at various locations across Monash (18 locations in total)
  • meet with 55 residents on Zoom for Q&A and information sessions
  • responded directly to 135 emails, 123 telephone calls and 108 questions on Shape Monash
  • received 341 comments, 28 shares, 264 likes and reactions to 19 posts on Facebook and 82 engagements on 11 tweets on Twitter

This community consultation sought to identify perceived barriers to switching to a fortnightly landfill (red bin) collection and recycling food waste in the green bin, measure community sentiment relating to the intended change, ascertain potential solutions to overcome perceived barriers and to identify preferred inclusions for a support pack to help residents manage the change.

Council considered all feedback received during the community consultation and unanimously decided to proceed with the change to the bin collection. To support the community to make the change, Council will:

  • Provide a free landfill bin upgrade to households with 2 or more children in nappies, a medical condition that causes more waste or a family of 6 or more with financial hardship (approved on application with evidence)
  • Reduce the cost of a second recycling bin to $65 (annual charge)
  • Send a sample pack of compostable liners to all households with a green bin
  • Send a support pack with information on how to reduce waste, how to use the three bins, an A-Z recycling guide, and QR links to information on our website
  • Host recycling education sessions (online and in person) and pop-up stalls, as well as offer one-on-one support (where applicable) to help residents transition to the change

Food and garden waste bins are switching to a weekly collection

Since introducing a food waste recycling service to help residents keep food scraps out of landfill, we’ve heard great stories about how the amount of waste in landfill bins has decreased. We are also aware that not everyone is recycling their food waste and we’ve heard your concerns regarding the fortnightly collection of food scraps.

To address your feedback and allow more food and garden clippings to be collected for composting, we’re changing how often food and garden waste (green lid) bins and landfill (red lid) bins are collected. This can also encourage those who aren’t recycling their food scraps to start doing so – and we’ll be here to support you on this journey.

What is changing?

From August 2022:

  • Food and garden waste (green lid) bins will be collected weekly
  • Landfill (red lid) bins will be collected every two weeks
Image of three bins with different colour lids, and text advising how often they are collected. The red lid bin will be collected fortnightly, the yellow lid bin will be collected fortnightly and the green lid will be collected weekly. There are chasing a

There are no other changes to waste services and no additional costs. Recycling bins will continue to be collected fortnightly, on the alternate week to landfill (red lid) bins. The day your bins are emptied will also remain the same.

Your landfill bin will remain the same size, however you can request an additional or larger bin. If you currently have a larger or additional landfill bin, you can downsize your bin at any time.

Who does this change apply to?

If you have council bins allocated to your individual residential address, this change applies to you. If you don’t have a food and garden waste bin, you can contact us to request one. We will work with you (or the property owner, where applicable) to get a bin delivered. Or we can look at alternate options to support your waste disposal needs.

If you live in an apartment building or share council bins with other residential properties, your landfill bin will continue to be collected weekly. Ask your Facilities Manager or Body Corporate to contact us if you would like to recycle your food scraps.

Commercial properties will continue to have landfill bins collected once or twice per week, based on their current collection service.

Before we change, we want to hear from you

For some of you, this change may be exciting. For others, you may feel uncertain about the change and what it means for you; especially if you have yet to start recycling food scraps at home. We also know there will be certain circumstances to consider, such as large households, families using nappies, or households with medical waste.

Let us know what this change means for you, and how we can best support you.

Your feedback will help us understand what this change means for your household and identify the best way we can assist you to transition to the new service.

  • Provide Your Feedback

    Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to help us better understand what this change might mean for you.

    Feedback closed on Friday 25 March 2022