On Wednesday 16 December 2020, the State Government announced that they are committing $21 million for the development of an 18-court public tennis facility at the Glen Waverley Sports Hub.

This development will occur at the 3.4 hectare site of the driving range at the Glen Waverley Golf Course and will include:

  • 18 International Tennis Federation (ITF) standard courts
  • Multi-use pavilion with change rooms, public amenities, kiosk/café, social space and club storage rooms
  • Intersection upgrade at Waverley Rd and Jells Rd to reduce traffic congestion and improve traffic flow
  • Drainage infrastructure to the tennis site with consideration to impacts to adjacent residents

The new tennis centre will replace the existing 23-court tennis centre in Boroondara, currently located on land needed for two crucial interchanges for North East Link, connecting the M80 to an upgraded Eastern Freeway.

Council's contribution to the project will be $5.77M Monash Council (subject to budget approval)


The State Government’s North East Link Project (NELP) has been searching for possible sites in Melbourne’s east for a new regional tennis facility to replace the Boroondara Tennis Centre.

Based on Council's significant strategic planning on tennis and golf in our municipality, NELP formally invited Monash to submit a proposal for a new regional tennis facility at the golf course.

Concept area

Concept plan

concept map of the new tennis facility



Development of a 18 court public tennis facility (including associated infrastructure and amenities) at the Glen Waverley Golf Course.

NELP has been searching for possible sites in Melbourne’s east for a new regional tennis facility to replace the Boroondara Tennis Centre.

The new tennis centre will replace the existing 23 court tennis centre in Boroondara, which is located on land needed for two crucial interchanges for North East Link, connecting the M80 to an upgraded Eastern Freeway.

Based on the significant existing planning and strategic support undertaken to date by Council in regards to tennis and the existing golf course, NELP formally invited Monash to submit a proposal for a new regional tennis facility at the golf course.

On 16 December, the Minister announced that Council’s proposal for an integrated tennis facility in Monash (at the Glen Waverley Golf Course) was the preferred site for a new regional tennis facility.

$21M State Government grant
$5.77M Monash Council contribution (subject to budget approval)


  • 18 tennis courts with lighting
  • All general tennis infrastructure – nets, posts, fencing, ball-stop netting, General Power Outlets courtside (for automatic ball launching machine)
  • Shared pavilion facilities to cater to tennis & golf participants
  • Female, male and accessible change-rooms and amenities
  • Public toilets
  • Kiosk/café
  • Social space
  • Venue/tournament management office/meeting room
  • Club storage
  • General amenities to cater to tennis participants
  • Drink fountains
  • Bench seating
  • Shade consideration
  • BBQ/outdoor plaza/gathering space
  • Storage/Maintenance Shed
  • New and improved car parking

Broader Works:

  • Upgraded intersection on Waverley Road
  • Internal road upgrade
  • Drainage infrastructure to tennis site with consideration to impacts to adjacent residents
  • Service connections and upgrades (if required) to tennis infrastructure
  • Formalised parking for tennis participants (minimum 4 parking bays per court)
  • Lighting, landscaping and signage

Potential inclusions (subject to community consultation):

  • Off leash dog park
  • Mini golf
  • Playspace
  • Demolition of the existing driving range to make way for the tennis courts (which also resolves the issue of stray golf balls escaping from the current practice range). Smaller practice facilities such as hitting/birdie cages are to be included for skill development.
  • Demolition and relocation of the Halcyon Centre and services.
  • Augmentation of existing sewerage easement and electricity transmission line as required.
  • Improved access and connections to the Dandenong Creek Trail.
  • Improved golf and tennis participation opportunities in Monash in line with key Council and State Sporting Association strategies and plans.
  • Secure significant State Government investment of over $20M+ in sporting infrastructure in Monash.
  • Improved precinct traffic management and car parking issues, e.g. improvement works to the Jells Road and Waverley Road intersection to assist with easier and safer traffic flow in the area and to reduce congestion.
  • Improved accessibility and trail connections throughout the precinct e.g. links to Dandenong Creek Trail.
  • Enhanced broader recreation opportunities, e.g. potential for new recreation infrastructure such as playground, fenced dog park, mini-golf, golf birdie/practice cages etc.
  • The undergrounding of low voltage overhead power lines to create as much space/buffering as possible between the proposed tennis facility and residents.
  • Improved drainage to the site, especially sections of the reserve that back onto residential fencing and have previously been prone to water pooling and problem wet areas
  • The retention and improvements of space in the southern section of the reserve as a leash free dog area, as well as increasing the number of native trees on site.
  • The development of a community hub, with a shared building to accommodate golf course and tennis needs.
  • Potential relocation of existing clubs, reducing burden of ageing infrastructure at other sites and return of valuable open space to the community
  • Generation of significant economic benefit and job creation opportunities
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design elements e.g. site ecological and sustainability improvements such as LED lighting, water harvesting, tree planting, water sensitive urban design (WSUD).

  • Screening infrastructure and/or barrier planting
  • New recreation infrastructure and general reserve improvements, e.g. playgrounds, fenced dog park, fitness stations, mini-golf, new practice putting green & birdie cages/practice nets etc.
  • Design materials – noise mitigating, buffer zones, crime prevention design elements
  • Incorporation of Environmental and Sustainable Design elements and general amenity improvements, e.g. LED lighting, tree plantings, water tanks etc.
  • Parking zones and restrictions (subject to relevant approvals).

Residents will have the opportunity to have their say on some aspects of this project, including whether the site includes an off-leash dog park, playspace and mini-golf.

This opportunity will take place in the new year, following site assessments.

We will let you know through the Monash Bulletin, enewsletter and social media when feedback is open. If you subscribe to this page, you will be notified of all updates including community consultation.

  • Traffic analysis will be undertaken for the precinct to determine traffic management and car parking improvements needed to adequately cater for increased visitation.
  • Improvement works to the Jells Road and Waverley Road intersection, to assist with easier and safer traffic flow in the area, is a major component of this project.
  • Additional off-street parking will be provided to help alleviate existing car parking issues in the precinct.
  • Parking conditions (zones and restrictions) to be introduced as required.
  • The layout of the tennis courts will consider any impact to adjacent residences. Wherever possible buffer zones, including screen infrastructure and plantings will be incorporated into the design.
  • LED Tennis court lighting of 350 lux on all courts will be designed in accordance with Australian Standards for sports lighting and court lighting spill reduction. The lights are inside boxes to reduce any light spilling outside the court.

This project will necessitate the relocation of the Halcyon Centre (or Halcyon Social Support Services) from the golf course. This service is available weekdays from 9am-3pm to Monash residents who are frail, experience memory loss and other associated challenges related to dementia and provides respite for their carers. This service had been catering for 22 residents before its closure in March 2020 due to Covid-19. Officers will investigate relocation options for this service and report back to Council with recommendations. The service will continue without disruption to users because the only change will be the location. Our trained staff from the centre will work with families to manage the change sensitively.

  • 16 Dec 2020 – Funding announcement
  • 17 Dec 2020 -mid 2021 – pre-planning investigations and consultation
  • June 2021 – Council Report and consideration of recommended concept layout and project details such as the scope, design, budget and future operating arrangements for Council consideration and approval.
  • July 2021-Early 2022 – Detailed Design
  • Mid 2022- Early 2024 – Construction
  • Early 2024 – Practical completion & Official Opening
  • Subscribe to this page (see right) which will be regularly updated.
  • Information updates will be published in the Monash Bulletin and social media.

Some trees will be removed for this project. A tree audit will assess tree health and determine which trees are to be removed. Extensive landscaping and planting of advanced trees will take place once the project is completed.

Recent consultation on sport in this precinct identified traffic as a concern for residents. The construction of an intersection at the corner of Jells Road and Waverley Road will improve traffic conditions in this area, reducing congestion and increasing traffic flow.

We acknowledge there will be an increase in low level noise generated from the site due to the introduction of tennis, increased activity and the extended hours of use.

Noise levels are expected to remain within acceptable standards, supported by design mitigation strategies and management practices including locking gates to prevent after hours use.

Yes, tennis will be played into the evening. Times of use will be consistent with Council policy and lighting may be programmed to ensure operations do not extend beyond the permitted use.

The land is zoned Public Park and Recreation. The purpose of the zone is:

  • To implement the Municipal Planning Strategy and the Planning Policy Framework.
  • To recognise areas for public recreation and open space.
  • To protect and conserve areas of significance where appropriate.
  • To provide for commercial uses where appropriate.

The proposed use is consistent with the zoning of the land.

All Planning Schemes in the State provide that a Planning Permit for use and buildings and works within this zone is not required where the use is conducted and buildings and works are being undertaken by or on behalf of the public land manager, in this case Council.

As such, Council is specifically exempted from requiring a planning permit for the use and buildings and works.

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