Purpose of engagement

The purpose of the engagement project is to inform residents and the local golfing and tennis communities that an 18-court tennis centre at Glen Waverley Golf Course will be constructed, and to seek input for consideration into specific design aspects and associated recreation infrastructure.

Engagement objectives

  • Inform the community of the construction of the new tennis centre project, to be opened in 2024, and the rationale as to how this came about
  • Promote engagement opportunities during the end of 2020 and first half of 2021
  • Residents of neighbouring properties will be consulted on:
    • Noise – noise mitigating materials, hours of operation, courts in use, sound barriers, buffer zones
    • Traffic & Parking – traffic management improvements and additional car spaces e.g. roundabout and carpark
    • Light Spill – LED tennis court lighting designed to AS – compliance with levels for spill, box lighting etc
    • Biodiversity and Sustainability (Flora & Fauna) – ESD Report – recommendations implemented
  • Council is in discussion with several local committees about relocating to the new centre
  • Sports associations and schools will be informed and/or consulted on potential uses and management structure of the tennis centre.
  • Current and future users of the site (including residents of neighbouring properties and members of golf and tennis clubs) will be consulted on new recreation infrastructure and general reserve improvementsto complement the tennis facility, such as:
    • Playgrounds, fenced dog park, fitness stations
    • Design materials, underground power, LED lighting, tree plantings, water tanks, etc
  • Obtain objective, informed response from the wider community including tennis and golf communities
  • Follow up any queries or concerns
  • Understand any issues affecting immediate neighbours and attempt to mitigate these through the design process
  • Inform the community of how their input was considered by distributing the feedback report
  • Provide information to explain when the space will be closed for construction, etc.
  • Provide regular project updates on Shape Monash and Council website

Negotiables and non-negotiables

Neighbours can influence

The residents close to the site can have a say on

  • things that affect their visual amenity such as screening infrastructure, barrier planting
  • design materials to mitigate noise and light
  • safety concerns and mitigation.

Community can influence

Everyone in the community can have a say on

  • the new recreation infrastructure and general reserve improvements such as playgrounds, off-leash areas, fitness stations, golf practice facilities, shared path location
  • parking zones and restrictions (subject to relevant approvals).

Community can't influence

The community cannot influence

  • the location of the tennis centre
  • site design
  • building design
  • management and user agreements of the facility.




Sports associations

Tennis and Golf Clubs (engagement with committees)

Broader tennis and golf community

Community groups and potential users (eg. Schools)

Resident catchment 1 (27 neighbouring households)

Resident catchment 2 (480 local households)

Current and potential site users:

Halcyon Centre users, Golf practice range users, Dog walkers, playground users, Friends of Dandenong Valley Parkland

General public (community)