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Project update

Thank you to everyone who contributed their feedback to the masterplan.

Following endorsement of the masterplan, we are preparing now to implement the plan for Mount Waverley Reserve, which will take place over the next 3 to 4 years.


The Masterplan has been developed to increase opportunities for physical activity by upgrading and improving the provision of infrastructure for active recreation and play.

Significant funding has been secured from the Australian and Victorian Governments to support the project.

A program of works will be completed over several years and is anticipated to start in November 2023 at the end of Melbourne Water works at the reserve.

  • Sportsground redevelopment, flood lighting and perimeter pathway - November 2023 - June 2024
  • Playspace upgrade - 26 February 2024 - June 2024
  • Pavilion redevelopment - May 2024 - mid-2025

Following the Melbourne Water pipe installation works, Council will reconstruct the sportsground. These works will include reshaping and grading, new drainage, irrigation, centre turf wicket, coaches’ benches, oval fencing with behind-the-goals netting to stop balls going into the carpark and open space areas.

With contributions from the tenant sports club, the floodlighting will be upgraded to 300 Lux to meet the Australian Standards for training and competition. Compliance with the Australian Standards will ensure that the proposed lighting is concentrated on the oval and that any spill of light is controlled and minimised. Like all sports fields across the City of Monash, the usage of these lights will be in accordance with the Monash Sports Floodlighting Policy which limits usage to 10pm.

We’ll be repositioning the electronic scoreboard and constructing a perimeter pathway around the sportsground with reserve bench seating for park users to enjoy.

Following the playspace concept design period in January - February 2023, construction of the playground is starting on 26 February, with anticipated completion by June 2024. Details of the playground can be found at:

As part of the pavilion redevelopment, we will be demolishing the existing public toilet block and building a new public toilet to better service the reserve into the future. The new public toilet will be situated on the western side of the oval, in between the playground and the pavilion (see map and artist’s impression below). We anticipate construction to take place from May 2024 - mid-2025.

The concept design includes a two-storey pavilion with 4 unisex player change rooms and amenities, umpire amenities to support game-day operations, storage, canteen, first aid room, kitchen, social room that overlooks the sportsground with a balcony.

During the redevelopment project, 16 trees and shrubs will be removed across the reserve - 12 during the pavilion reconstruction and 4 during the reconstruction of the car park. To offset this, we will be planting 30 trees around the new car park layout and reserve during the landscaping stage of the project.

We've developed an innovative concept design for the active recreation space at Mount Waverley Reserve (Mount Waverley), which is planned for the southeast corner of the reserve, and we're seeking your feedback on the design.

This project is the final stage of the implementation of the masterplan and will provide non-structured recreation opportunities for the community to enhance health and wellbeing and social connection.

Share your feedback by Sunday 19 May 2024 at Mount Waverley Reserve Active Recreation Space - Shape Monash

The following works are being designed now and will be delivered subject to future funding:

  • Public toilet replacement and repositioning - anticipated construction May 2024 - mid-2025
  • Cricket net redevelopment and repositioning – anticipated October 2024 – May 2025
  • Horticulture turf wicket maintenance shed – anticipated October 2024 – May 2025
  • Car park works and tennis court demolition – anticipated July 2025 – Jan 2026
  • Active Recreation Hub – anticipated October 2026 – May 2027

The anticipated staging is shown in the diagram below. The full staging diagram presentation can be downloaded from the document library.

Staging diagram

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Pavilion concept design

The preliminary design document can be downloaded from the document library.

Planning & Consultation

Have your say: Draft Mount Waverley Reserve Masterplan

At the 27 July 2021 Council meeting, Council approved the draft Mount Waverley Reserve Masterplan for public exhibition and community feedback.

All submissions were then reviewed and considered in the preparation of the final masterplan which was adopted by Council at its meeting of 30 November 2021.


We consulted our local community to develop a masterplan for Mount Waverley Reserve. The development of the masterplan is funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria.

The reserve is situated on Monash Council land on the corner of St Albans and Charles Streets and features a public asphalt tennis court and tennis hit-up wall, basketball half court, sportsground, cricket nets, a playground and an off-lead dog area. In addition, the reserve hosts the

  • Waverley Community Learning Centre
  • Mount Waverley Tennis Club
  • Mount Waverley Cricket Club
  • Waverley Blues Football Club.

The project entailed extensive consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, local residents and the broader community, together with the development of the reserve masterplan that will support active recreation and the development and delivery of local sport.

The masterplan:

  • Provides a clear vision and strategic approach for the future provision of sport and recreation facilities in the reserve based on community needs
  • Considers opportunities and issues at the reserve and determine the suitability, scale and scope of any potential developments
  • Provides a conceptual plan and layout for key development priorities with indicative stages and cost estimates to assist Council attract external funding for future improvements