Draft Structure Plan

Council sought community feedback on a draft Structure Plan for the Mount Waverley Activity Centre. The plan sets out a long term vision for the future growth and improvement of the centre.

The purpose of the structure plan is to preserve and enhance the local amenity, the village feel of the centre and garden city character (all of which are highly valued by the community) - but to also allow the centre to grow and prosper.

A number of improvements to the activity centre are proposed in the draft Structure Plan including:

  • A central pedestrian spine - A north-south pedestrian link connecting retail, car parking, public plazas and community facilities to the train station
  • New public plazas - A proposed streetscape and public realm upgrade near the train station and an expansion of the plaza near Winbourne Road.
  • Community centre precinct - Future improvements to the spaces and connections between the library and community centre buildings.
  • Central car park improvements - Simplification of this highly utilised car park to improve its efficiency, and to make it safer and easier for pedestrians.
  • Stephensons Road improvements - Opportunities to enhance the ‘front door’ of the activity centre.

Draft Structure Plan Overview

Read more about the plan and what we heard from the consultation in Feb/Mar 2020

Council meeting - 30 March 2021

The submissions and formal adoption of the Structure Plan was considered at the Council meeting on 30 March 2021. This follows the deferment of the matter at the meeting on 25 August 2020.

The Council Report and attachments are also available in the Document Library on this page.

Adoption of the Structure Plan

Council formally adopted the Structure Plan on 30 March 2021. Council also resolved to prepare an information package that explains why we need a structure plan, its role in guiding the future of the centre, the process it went through and the next steps in the implementation. This information is included in the April edition of the Monash Bulletin and will be included in correspondence to all submitters and interested people.

These matters are also addressed in the FAQs below.

Frequently Asked Questions