Mount Waverley Activity Centre is a convenient centre that provides a wide range of shops and services, access to transport options, housing and recreational opportunities. It fulfils a role as a convenient shopping destination and is loved for its local, village feel.

Planning to provide additional retail, hospitality and commercial floorspace (along with residential development to meet changing household needs) will assist in strengthening the centre's economic viability.

The draft Structure Plan seeks to plan for the future and to make improvements to public areas to strengthen its sense of place.

The structure of the plan

The draft Structure Plan is divided into four parts:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Part A - Overview and context
  3. Part B - Key directions
  4. Part C - The Village Centre Plan

A fifth part (Part D - Implementation) will be developed after the consultation.

The Vision informs the six Directions, and each of the directions has corresponding policies and actions, which are ultimately integrated into a Village Centre Plan for the core of the centre.

Diagram showing the structure of the draft structure plan


The Vision for the Mount Waverley Activity Centre has been developed in collaboration with the community and key stakeholders. It will guide the delivery of future initiatives and projects until 2036.


The Directions will focus planning and design outcomes to ensure development is consistent with the community’s aspirations.

Direction 1 – Foster a vibrant village

The convenient and local feel of the centre will be maintained whilst additional retail, hospitality and commercial office uses will ensure the long term economic viability of the activity centre.

Direction 2 – Support diverse housing options

The activity centre will provide a range of housing types to meet the different life stage needs of the community.

Direction 3 – Boost health & wellbeing of locals

The activity centre will be a healthy place to live with access to range of community and health facilities for all ages.

Direction 4 – A village that puts people first

The activity centre will provide a range of high quality public spaces for the community to meet, gather and hold local events.

Direction 5 – Enable easy movement

The activity centre will provide a highly connected, safe and inclusive transport network that prioritises walking and cycling.

Direction 6 – Strengthen the sense of place

New development within the activity centre will set a high benchmark for design quality whilst responding to the low scale, garden character of the centre.

Key policies and actions

Background map of key policies and actions
Wadham Parade
Focus for retail
Focus for commercial
Development Intensification
Housing diversity
Pedestrian spine
Gateway plaza
Green heart
Connect missing links
Safety of car park
Legend for the map above

The Village Centre Plan

The draft Structure Plan includes a section that outlines a range of projects that aims to enhance the Village Centre as a people-focused destination. These projects aim to deliver a vibrant, local centre, a comfortable place that encourages people to gather, relax and enjoy being part of the neighbourhood.

The Village Centre Plan Overview

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