Help us shape the future of community engagement in Monash.

We have developed a draft Community Engagement Framework (Framework) for Monash Council. Members of our advisory groups and engagement practitioners across Council helped develop it.

It considers the Local Government Act 2020 and best practices in community engagement. It includes principles, an engagement planning guide and our promise to the public on how we will engage with them.

We would like to test the draft Framework with you. We want to know where we have got it right and what needs to change? Your feedback will help us to create a final Framework that works for everyone.

How it works?

We seek your feedback until 26 July 2020. You have flexibility in how to respond:

1. You can answer the specific questions below (this does not require reading the draft Framework and will take about 5 minutes);

2. You can read the draft Framework and provide more detailed comments on any aspect (this will take about 20 minutes); or

3. You can do both.

Additionally, you can skip any questions that you do not want to answer.

Your feedback will influence the final Framework

We will collate and consider all feedback that you provide. After that, we will report back to you on the key themes in the feedback. Your feedback will inform changes to the Framework, to make it better. We will share the final Community Engagement Framework with you by mid-September 2020.

The final Framework will be implemented across every department in Council. It will set a higher standard for the way we seek your input into Council decisions. This will influence the many community engagements that take place each year.


What would you most like to see improved about community engagement in Monash? Tick all that apply.
How satisfied have you been with engagements you have been part of?
Our proposed promise to the public

By implementing the Public Engagement Framework we commit to ensuring that:

  • All community engagement is planned by clearly identifying the purpose, scope and objectives of the community’s participation, in the community engagement plan.
  • We will communicate the reasons for engagement with participants.
  • We will ensure the community has the information necessary to participate meaningfully in the engagement activities.
  • We will endeavour to provide information that is objective, relevant, timely and easy to understand.
  • We will identify the people, communities and stakeholders who are affected by and interested in the topic of engagement.
  • We will reach out to our community to involve and hear from participants that represent the affected and interested groups.
  • We will reduce physical, social and cultural barriers to participation.
  • We will engage with hard-to-reach groups that may want to be involved in the process.
  • We will ensure we obtain the views of a broad cross section of the community, especially when there is a quiet majority.
  • We will allow sufficient time for review of information and participation in varied engagement activities.
  • We will inform participants of the level of influence they will have, and we will ensure they know the outcomes of any decisions made.
Do you think our promise to the public is right?
Detailed feedback

Please read the Community Engagement Framework to participate in this section. The Framework has a number of elements including the principles as prescribed by the Local Government Act, promises, the steps in planning community engagement for practitioners, some of the tools we use, and roles of participants.

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The quality and content of the Framework?
The readability of the Framework?