Stage 2 Consultation

This consultation was held from 18 July to 19 August 2022.

We heard from residents, landowners, workers, visitors, local businesses and others about their views on the Draft Urban Design Framework. We received 56 submissions, 50 survey responses and 8 comments on the vision board.

What did you tell us?

A consultation summary report has been prepared that outlines the consultation and an overview of the feedback received. A full report, including summaries of the submissions received, and officer responses and recommendations will be attached to a future Council report.

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Monash Boulevards Vision Board

Add your thoughts about the Draft UDF and the Boulevards in general to the vision board and vote on the comments left by others. You will need to be a registered user of Shape Monash in order to use this tool.

18 August, 2022

Tony55 says:

This would create a staggered effect instead of apartments on 1 side of the fence and restrictive residential on the other.

18 August, 2022

Tony55 says:

Rezone properties that share a boundary with the planned zone changes to a less restrictive zone. E.G zone adjoining properties to GRZ6

18 August, 2022

Mohan says:

Looks from the main road more important with negligible consideration given to the properties at rear which are impacted significantly

9 August, 2022

gowen says:

The proposed 8 story building on the corner of Springvale Rd and High Street Rd will negatively impact the adjoining residential properties

6 August, 2022

Eling says:

Scrap 4story heights: too imposing on neighbourhood. 3 story max. Re-zone Homemaker Centre clayton into res/commercial & build 8story there

5 August, 2022

lisawu says:

Bridge/underground path crossings on major roads in between Monash Uni and nearby residentials are welcomed.

25 July, 2022

Kath says:

I live in Greta Street Oakleigh East and often catch buses along Dandenong Road. It is dangerous crossing from the Leumear street bus stop

22 July, 2022

Chich says:

6 storey scale for properties along princes highway, huntingdale (near telstra exchange), as these properties are closest to true open space

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The survey should take about 3 minutes to complete.

We will ask you:

  • How you're affected
  • Your level of agreement with the vision and principles
  • What parts of the UDF you think are positive and/or could be improved
  • Any further comments, and
  • Basic demographic information (age group, suburb and gender identity)

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