SRLA station and Glen Waverley station not connected

No connection between the new SRL station and the existing GW station. The SRLA want to close Coleman Parade to create a pedestrian area, the only link between the two stations. An underground pedestrian connection between the two stations is a better option, resolving the need to close this road.

The SRL station and the Glen Waverley Station will not be connected. The SRL station will be built on land currently used for car parking behind Mocha Jo’s and the Waverley RSL, and where Council had planned to build its 1000 vehicle car park. This car park would have ensured no loss of existing car parking including replacement car spaces for those that would have otherwise been lost when Kingsway was rejuvenated; and delivered an extra 272 car spaces to the activity centre in the best and most accessible location to Kingsway.

Commuters will need to leave one station and cross Coleman Parade to access the other. The SRLA proposes to close part of Coleman Parade to provide a ground level pedestrian link between the Glen Waverley railway station and the SRL station.

The proposed Clayton SRL station will have a 'paid area connection' with the existing Clayton Metro station. This means no need to tap off and on with your Myki card. This is not the plan for Glen Waverley Station.

Council's recommendation - go below ground

Concept design for SRL station at Glen Waverley

Concept image from the Environment Effects Statement (fig 9.4) showing potential future underground link to Metro (MMRN) station

Council's concerns

The Glen Waverley SRL station precinct sits within the Glen Waverley Activity Centre, the development of which is guided by the Glen Waverley Activity Centre Structure Plan (GWAC Structure Plan). The GWAC Structure Plan was adopted by Council on 30 September 2014 and on 25 January 2018 Amendment C120 was gazetted which incorporated the GWAC Structure Plan into the Planning Scheme.

Planning and building activity to date, over many years, has anticipated future lowering of Glen Waverley station below ground, to enable better movement and circulation, activation of land over the station, and pedestrianisation of the centre of the precinct (centred on Kingsway).

The SRL Project triggers changes (particularly potential loss or relocation of parking, and poorer vehicle circulation) which Council considers can best be addressed by lowering the Glen Waverley Metro station as originally planned. The Environment Effects Statement failed to engage with this longstanding planning for the area and while also not ruling it out has simply created uncertainty going forward.

Council believes this is a missed opportunity to have a more integrated and connected station, similar to Box Hill Station which is below a shopping centre. This would also allow for a long overdue enhancement of the existing Glen Waverley Station.

SRLA have advised this is out of scope for its project. The lack of engagement with this important initiative will potentially close off options to provide and facilitate a direct passenger transfer connection between the SRL and Metro stations below ground.