SRLA Plan: relocate parking north of the activity centre with traffic routed via retail and entertainment spines

The land where Montclair Ave car park currently sits is to be acquired by the SRLA for the SRL station. SRLA have nominated a site north of the railway line (in the O’Sullivan Road existing carpark) for temporary replacement parking and potential as a permanent location for these carspaces.

Council's recommendation - parking south of the railway line with access via a ring road

Council recommends that permanent replacement parking provided by SRLA should be located south of the railway line and closer to Kingsway, where the existing car parking is now. It is the best, most convenient and accessible location to the heart of the Activity Centre.

A 1000 space multi-level car park to be constructed by Council on the current Montclair car park site was scrapped as the land is required by SRLA for the new station. Replacement and additional car parking is urgently required to meet the current and future demand in Glen Waverley. We want:

  • to maintain existing car parking numbers
  • to facilitate car parking removal as part of the Kingsway revitalisation project
  • additional parking directly related to contributions made or to be made by traders as a result of planning permit requirements.

Council is now planning to replace some of these car parking spaces at a significantly increased cost at its Bogong Avenue multi-level car park, but is concerned there is a lack of available, opportune land to deliver the further replacement/ additional car spaces as planned and as expected and contributed to by traders.

Council's concerns

Council does not consider a location north of the railway line convenient for people accessing Kingsway, who are impacted most by the proposed loss of the Montclair Ave parking. The result of this as a permanent outcome will see a significant supply of car parking located away from the core and in a location where we know historically that people are less willing to park.

Adding to and exacerbating this issue is the position of SRLA and DoT that a second road crossing is not and will not be explored in the Activity Centre. This crossing may have made this prospect of replacement parking north of the railway line more palatable, particularly when considering the compounding issues associated with the proposed part closure of Coleman Parade at Kingsway.