Monash Council’s Public Health Approach to Gambling Policy is due for an update with the latest evidence, data and community input.

Council recognises that the gambling activities addressed by this project are legal forms of recreation, however in certain situations gambling can cause harm. Council has a role under the Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 to prevent harm within the community, and harm from gambling is a significant problem within the City of Monash. We are ranked among the top 10 local government areas in Victoria on poker machine losses.

Gambling harm can affect anyone. Harm from gambling extends beyond financial harm and can include emotional, health, relationship, cultural, criminal activities and harm to study or work.

Monash Council has a history of leadership in the prevention of harm from gambling. Our achievements to date include:

  • A founding member of the Alliance for Gambling Reform
  • Leadership of the 'Enough Pokies' campaign
  • Creation of supportive environments to prevent and reduce gambling harm in at risk community groups through the Clayton CANVAS project
  • Development of strong Public Health Approach to Gambling Harm Prevention Policy statements that guide our ongoing action.

In Monash, Glen Waverley and Mulgrave are the suburbs with venues with the highest losses ($13m and $16m respectively in 2020-21).

Council's current position

Council seeks reform to the Gambling Regulation Act to place greater regulation and restrictions on the gambling industry, gambling environments and gambling machines which are designed to mislead and profit from individuals. Our position specifically advocates against the targeted concentration of poker machines in Victoria’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

Harm from gambling is a public health matter

We acknowledge that preventing harm from gambling is a complex issue which requires an integrated and comprehensive strategy involving action from individuals, community groups, businesses and governments at all levels.

Council recognises that there is an established link between harm from gambling and family violence. We are committed to continuing our Gender Equity work and will apply a gendered lens when considering new and established commitments to prevent harm from gambling.

Planning and regulation

Council recognises our direct role in preventing harm from gambling locally is in the planning and regulation processes of new or moved poker machines within Monash. However, we are committed to partnerships, advocacy, research, and communication actions that will help to prevent harm from all forms of gambling.

Community consultation

We want to develop a strong, locally relevant policy that will make a direct and lasting impact on reducing gambling harm in the City of Monash. Our objectives with consultation are:

  • To determine community vision and values in the City of Monash on gambling harm as a public health issue
  • To gain insights on Council actions and commitments to reducing gambling harm in the community
  • To gain input from a diverse range of residents

How to get involved

This consultation is open to people who live, work or visit in the City of Monash. To take the survey, please login or register with Shape Monash.

Harm from gambling is a public health matter. This consultation seeks your values-based perspective on Council’s position, commitments and obligations to prevent harm.

Survey closed on 3 April 2022.