Council is planning for additional and replacement car spaces in the Glen Waverley Activity Centre

Council had previously identified a suitable parcel of its land for redevelopment as a mixed-use multi-level car park at 31–39 Montclair Avenue. It had progressed feasibility and design work for this car park so that construction could have started.

The Suburban Rail Loop Authority (SRLA) informed Council of its intention to acquire this site (amongst a number of other Council-owned land parcels) as the preferred location for the Suburban Rail Loop’s Glen Waverley station. This meant that it was no longer feasible to continue with the Montclair project. The acquisition also means that approximately 300 additional car spaces, which are currently on the site where the car park was to be built, also need to be provided for somewhere else in the Activity Centre.

As a result of the SRLA’s notification that they intend to acquire the land, Council undertook alternative site investigations and identified an existing Council-owned multi-level car park at 1–5 Bogong Avenue as a site that could accommodate some of the additional and replacement car parking to meet the needs of the GWAC.

Council expects the Bogong Avenue design to accommodate additional car spaces depending on the design development and approval process. It also expects further car spaces to be provided elsewhere in the GWAC and will continue to work with the SRLA towards achieving this outcome. It is imperative that an acceptable and appropriate solution for providing these car spaces is found. In particular, the car spaces need to be close to and easily accessible to the Kingsway spine, the heart of the Activity Centre.

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