Project update

Thank you to all that provided feedback on this project. Council has made its decision following community consultation on a second hockey pitch at Ashwood Reserve.

At the 31 August 2021 meeting, it was resolved that Council:

1. Notes the findings of the community consultation on the development of a second hockey pitch at Ashwood Reserve and the need to accommodate the Sikh Community Association at an alternative location if the project were to proceed.

2. Only consider a project funding proposal if the cost of the second hockey pitch is able to be funded from an external funding source.

3. Advise all stakeholders including the Waverley Hockey Club, Victoria Sikh Association, local residents and all local State and Federal Members of Parliament and candidates at the next State and Federal election that any election commitment for a second hockey pitch at Ashwood Reserve will only be supported by Council if it provides at least $2 million towards the cost of the pitch, lighting and car parking and will be contingent upon the successful relocation of the Victorian Sikh Association.

4. Continues to work with the Victorian Sikh Association to develop a clear outline of current and future requirements for the association.

5. Asks officers to identify potential alternative locations in Monash that will meet the expectations of the Victorian Sikh Association by January 2022, as well as estimated relocation costs, and advocates to State and Federal Members of Parliament and candidates at the next State and Federal elections for funding towards the cost of the relocation.

The report on community consultation is in the document library on this page. The Council report and decision can be found on the Council website here.


The Waverley Hockey Club has, for a number of years, been keen to develop a second synthetic hockey field at Ashwood Reserve. The Eastern Region Hockey Facilities Plan (2018) found that there was a shortage of synthetic hockey fields in the eastern region of Melbourne and recommended that a second field be developed at Ashwood Reserve.

In response to the Club’s request, and findings from the Regional Plan, Council agreed to undertake a feasibility study at the site with the view to developing a sustainable management model (capital and operational) for a potential second competition level synthetic hockey field at Ashwood Reserve.

The key findings from the Study were presented to Council at its meeting held 10 December 2019, and outlined that the proposal to redevelop Ashwood Reserve North to provide a second synthetic hockey field and larger car park is feasible from a site suitability, demand, and usage perspective.

An integrated site plan (ISP) was subsequently completed in 2020 for Ashwood Reserve, Jingella Reserve and Holmesglen Reserve including the linear connection between the three sites. The investigation also confirmed that a second hockey pitch and supporting infrastructure could be accommodated at the northern section of the reserve.

The development of the second hockey pitch will only be considered after consultation with the community and if significant external funding is secured.


The full design concept is shown below, and includes these elements:

  • Install a second synthetic hockey pitch, with supporting infrastructure (storage nets, coaches boxes, interchange benches, scoreboard, warm up area) at the northern section of the reserve.
  • Install a low-level fence surrounding the hockey pitch as per facility standards.
  • Install high safety fence around the broader section of the pitch area.
  • Install LED lighting with 500lux (similar to the existing pitch) to allow night training and match play.
  • Increase car parking on site and investigate off street parking opportunities.
  • Install path ways and connections around the reserve.
  • Power upgrades to the site required.
  • Options of sighting new or improved pavilions on the reserve.
  • Plant new indigenous species appropriately around the reserve and retain existing trees were possible.
Hockey Integrated Site Plan

Integrated Site Plan

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