News update - Westerfield Drive mural artwork revealed

We’re excited to announce that well known muralist and artist Hayden Dewar has been appointed to design and install the Westerfield Drive Mural in Notting Hill. Hayden is co-designing the mural with First Nations artist, Ashleigh Pugh.

The artwork features two young children, their appearance reflecting the diverse cultural backgrounds of the local residents. The children are playing and discovering nature, feeding a rainbow lorikeet and holding a banksia flower and holding a blue tongue lizard and playing with a eucalyptus branch. They are playing in nature and imagining what the land might have looked like thousands of years ago.

The background features a pre-white settlement landscape with a detailed lyrebird in the centre. Although the bird isn’t local to the vicinity, their feathers had special ceremonial significance to the Bunurong people, traditional owners of the Land. The Lyrebird is known for their impressive ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds and creating songs that reflect their local environment. Many Aboriginal stories speak of the lyrebird as being gifted this talent to talk to all other creatures.

The community was presented the concept at a community session with Hayden in late March and it received positive feedback. The mural will be installed in early May.

For more information contact Kate Bolaffi, Place Maker for Notting Hill

Mural design

Community Session with the mural artists

We’re excited to announce that Hayden Dewar has been appointed by Council to design and install the Westerfield Drive Mural in Notting Hill. Hayden is co-designing the mural with First Nations artist, Ashleigh Pugh.

We invite you to view the proposed artwork and hear from the artists about their vision for the mural.

Tuesday 29 March 2022 at Notting Hill Neighbourhood House (37 Westerfield Drive, Notting Hill)

From 5.30pm - 6.30pm

Book your place

Please RSVP to Kate Bolaffi, Place Maker for Notting Hill and Mulgrave

Tuesday 29 March 2022 05:30 pm

Notting Hill Neighbourhood House

Address: 37 Westerfield Drive, Notting Hill


Phone: (03) 9518 3531

Mobile: 0466 920 883

Thank you for your contributions

We received 31 contributions to this project. You can see all the ideas in the community engagement report. We have also provided the artists brief in the document library.

An artist has been appointed, and will provide a workshop in March 2022.

Share your ideas for a new mural in Notting Hill

Council is creating a new pocket park in Westerfield Drive Reserve to make a fun and engaging place that enhances family and social recreation opportunities. The community provided feedback to the draft playspace concept plan in April 2021.

The pocket park includes a new mural on an existing wall in the Village Green area, on the Samada Street side of the playspace. The Village Green area includes a two swing-set, open lawn area, seating for casual play, picnics and quiet relaxation. The mural will support the beautification of Notting Hill and create an engaging visual for the community to enjoy.

We are inviting the local community to submit words, ideas or pictures to shape direction and themes for the mural. Your themes and ideas will be used to prepare a design brief for potential artists. An expression of interest process will be used to engage an artist for the mural. The appointed artist will meet with the community to refine the final concept before installation in mid 2022.

Image of wall at Westerfield Drive reserve for mural

The wall where the mural will be installed.

Examples of other Monash murals

What would you like the artist to consider in their design?

What characterises your neighbourhood?

What images would you like to see in Notting Hill that will add colour and life to the area?

Submit your ideas below or email by Friday 22 October 2021.

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