As part of Monash Council's Street Tree Strategy, residents of Northam Street in Glen Waverley are invited to let us know what type of tree you'd like to see us plant in your street.

Our Street Tree Strategy helps protect and increase our street tree canopy across Monash - something we know is very important to our residents because of the role it plays in cooling, shading and beautifying our streets.

Northam Street, Glen Waverley

Following assessment by Council's aboriculture team, 7 street trees on Northam Street have been identified for removal. You can read a report about why each of these trees are being removed here.

In their place, the team has identified opportunities to plant 15 new trees at the locations on the below map, with 2 options for replanting available for residents to pick a preference.

Northam Street

Option 1

Option 1 offers 1 tree species for replanting.

Corymbia eximia ‘Nana’ (Dwarf Yellow Bloodwood) - to be planted on both sides of the road.

The foliage is broad with a strong green colour and may turn a paler yellow/green in the colder months. In spring, the tree puts on an eye-catching display covering itself in creamy yellow flowers, attracting nectar-loving birds.

Mature size: 6-8m high by 4-6m wide

Form: Oval

Dwarf Yellow Bloodwood

Option 2

Option 2 offers 1 tree species for replanting.

Pistacia chinensis (Chinese Pistachio) - to be planted on both sides of the road.

A lovely small-to-medium tree, grown predominantly for its graceful pinnate leaves that can produce stunning orange-red tones in autumn. Tough enough for use in difficult areas in streets and perhaps underutilised for parks, gardens and urban plantings.

Mature size: 8m high by 4m wide

Form: Domed

Chinese Pistacia