In September and October 2023, we wrote to local residents with an update on our proposal for a cycling connection between Scotchmans Creek Trail and Djerring Trail. This includes an on-road, separated cycleway on the east side of Atkinson Street and Hanover Street, between Dandenong Road and Burlington Street in Oakleigh. Thank you to the nearly 100 people who reviewed the designs and provided feedback.

A report on the proposal, including community feedback, was presented to Council at its meeting in November 2023. At this meeting, Council resolved to move to construction of the project.

Work is now underway on detailed design in response to the feedback we received, and funding for the project will be considered as part of Council’s 2024/25 budgeting process.

Why are we doing this?

The Monash Integrated Transport Strategy indicates that, “providing a safe and efficient cycling network in Monash is integral to achieving a sustainable transport system that enhances quality of life for all residents.”

At present, there is no protected cycling connection between two of our major trails: Scotchmans Creek Trail and Djerring Trail. This project will address this.

Key design elements include

  • 3m wide two-way cycleway, protected from the adjacent traffic lane by physical separator islands
  • A linemarking separator on the west side of Atkinson Street, between the parking lane and the traffic lane, to help drivers reverse out of the parking bays
  • Keeping all 49 parking spaces on the west side of Atkinson Street, with some spaces repositioned
  • Removal of 45 parking spaces on the east side of Atkinson Street
  • Raised pedestrian and cyclist crossing points at side streets on the east side of Atkinson Street along the cycleway. To improve safety, these are set back to create separation between the cycleway and the traffic lane for vehicles turning off Atkinson Street
  • A raised platform and zebra crossing at the bus stop on the east side of Atkinson Street, south of Logie Court. This allows bus passengers to cross the cycleway safely
  • Traffic island changes to accommodate the protected right turn lane into Logie Street from Atkinson Street.

What you told us

In response to community feedback, Council has resolved to:

  • Proceed with detailed design of the project
  • Review access arrangements to the Hanover Street car park as part of the detailed design
  • Work with the Department of Transport and Planning regarding traffic signal changes
  • Undertake an independent Road Safety Audit
  • Continue to monitor parking conditions through delivery and after construction of the project and adjust if appropriate. This will include investigating whether part or all of the upper level of the Atkinson Street multi-deck carpark could be made available for use by traders.

What happens next?

Detailed design is expected to be completed by mid-2024, and further consultation with affected properties will follow.

The project is to be delivered as a three stage, multi-year project. Funding for commencement of construction will be considered by Council as part of the 2024/25 annual budget process, with work to commence after that if the project is confirmed.

Council will also investigate external funding opportunities for the construction of the project, including Victorian Government funding to upgrade the Dandenong Road/Atkinson Street signals and enhance safety for cyclists.