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A cycling connection is proposed to connect Scotchmans Creek Trail to Djerring Trail. The route will be along Atkinson Street, Hanover Street, Burlington Street and Oxford Street, Oakleigh.

The initial stage is for a trial “demonstration” cycleway on the east side of Atkinson Street between Dandenong Road and Atherton Road, which affects parking spaces, property access and side street intersections with Atkinson Street.

Council is keen to progress the initial stage of a trial cycleway along Atkinson Street between Dandenong Road and Atherton Road, which would act as a demonstration model of the whole project. This trial would be constructed with “quick-build” materials that can be easily adjusted if necessary.

We will liaise with the Department of Transport and bus companies on the overall cycling connection proposal. The introduction of the trial cycleway is expected to have a traffic calming effect on Atkinson Street by restricting the road environment.

The trial would be undertaken over 12 months to allow everyone an opportunity to try it before any permanent decisions are made. Council will come back to you to seek feedback following the trial, with the aim to progress to a permanent cycleway if the trial goes well.


The Monash Integrated Transport Strategy indicates that, “providing a safe and efficient cycling network in Monash is integral to achieving a sustainable transport system that enhances quality of life for all residents.” At present, there is no protected cycling connection between two of our major trails: Scotchmans Creek Trail and Djerring Trail. At the February Council meeting, Council resolved to consult on a concept cycling connection proposal, which would provide a safer path for all levels of people cycling, and encourage them to ride to work and the Oakleigh shops.

What we are proposing

  • A trial demonstration cycleway on east side of Atkinson Street between Dandenong and Atherton Roads (initial stage).
  • A dedicated cycleway along the east side of Hanover Street between Atherton Road and Burlington Street extending east into Burlington Street.
  • A provisional link along Burlington Street and Oxford Street to the Djerring Trail, with a longer term proposal for a shared path connection through Council and VicTrack land alongside the eastern embankment of the Hanover Street bridge connecting to the Djerring Trail. This is subject to VicTrack approval.
  • Bike crossings at the Atkinson Street / Dandenong Road signals (east side).
  • A cycling connection (either on or off-road) along the east side of Atkinson Street between Scotchmans Creek Trail and Dandenong Road.

We want to hear from you

We would like to hear your thoughts on the overall cycling connection proposal, including a dedicated cycleway on Hanover Street between Atherton Road and Burlington Street, as well as the initial trial “demonstration” cycleway on Atkinson Street.

Survey closes on 1 May 2022.

If you prefer to give your feedback by phone or in writing, see the contact details on this page.