Managing the cost of lighting

Sport in Monash is played across 50 Sportsground venues and 138 outdoor Active Playing Surfaces. Prior to the introduction of this policy, clubs with leases were responsible for 100% of the cost of installation and sports clubs with licences were responsible for a minimum 20% of the total cost to install new floodlighting and 100% of the cost beyond minimum lighting levels required for training. All clubs were also responsible for the maintenance and repair of all floodlighting.

In recognition of the capacity of sports clubs to meet their financial obligation and potential for exposure to risk, this policy seeks to confirm club and Council responsibility for floodlighting installation, maintenance and usage having regard to the different capacity of clubs with leases compared to clubs with licences, to generate revenue from the hire of their facility.

The policy seeks to introduce a fair, equitable and transparent system to manage sportsground and active playing surface floodlighting across Monash.

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