Scotchmans Creek Trail is a popular trail within Monash and is well used by residents and visitors. The existing shared path near the creek is narrow and it needs to be widened to meet the current demand for active modes of transportation, such as walking and cycling.

The existing shared path alignment has space constraints such as trees, the edge of the creek and level differences.

Council has received in-principal agreement from Melbourne Water on the proposed alignment. We are keen to hear from you on the proposed works.

What we are planning

The upgrade of Scotchmans Creek Trail is part of the Council’s ongoing program to provide new and upgraded walking and cycling paths.

To meet the increasing demand for active transport facilities in Monash, we plan to carry out the following works:

  • Upgrade the existing path to a 3m wide concrete shared path between Blackburn Road and Crosby Drive, along the existing alignment
  • Construct a new 3m wide concrete shared path between Crosby Drive and Waverley Road along the existing gravel path on the upper embankment near the rear property boundary lines
  • Retain the existing 2m wide path as a scenic path (pedestrians only) between Crosby Drive and Waverley Road
  • Removal of 7 trees that are in declining health and 5 small trees along the new alignment of the shared path. The tree trunks will be repurposed as habitat logs for the area.

How to give feedback

Click on 'Add Marker' and position on the map below (between Blackburn Rd and Waverley Rd) if you wish to comment on specific locations.

If you would like to make a general comment, please put it in the 'Leave your comments' box to the right.