With local government elections in October 2024, Council is seeking community feedback on a proposed Election Period Policy.

This proposed policy outlines what Council and councillors can and cannot do during the designated election period from 12pm 17 September until 6pm 26 October. It is a required policy under the Local Government Act 2020 and forms part of Council’s Governance Rules.

During the election period, also known as caretaker period, this proposed policy seeks to ensure two main outcomes:

  1. Ensuring strategic decisions are not made by an outgoing council in a way that would unfairly bind an incoming Council.
  1. Ensuring councillors who are candidates for election are not advantaged over people standing as a candidate who are not current councillors.

This proposed policy is planned to replace Council’s existing policy, with the key changes outlined below. Council is now inviting community feedback the proposed Election Period Policy and these changes until Sunday 14 July

In addition to cosmetic changes and updated references to reflect the new Local Government Act 2020, the proposed policy includes new clauses and updates to existing clauses that make it clear what Council and councillors can do during the election period.

This includes (page references refer to the proposed Election Period Policy document):

  • Clarity on the roles and expectations of councillors and officers during the election period (page 2)
  • Clarity around the use of council resources during the election period (page 3)
  • Closer review of notices of motion and public questions during Council meetings during the election period, to ensure they do not contain electoral matter (page 3-4)
  • Consideration of Council’s website and publications during the election period (page 4)
  • Clarity that the Annual Report can be published during the election period (page 4)
  • Prohibition on any large-scale public events and consultation hosted by Council (other than statutory processes) during the election period (page 4-5)
  • Suspension of Advisory Committee meetings during the election period (page 5)
  • Establishment of a Public Information Request Register so that all candidates have access to the same information (page 5).

Council sought your feedback on its proposed Election Period Policy before Sunday 14 July. Feedback was sought in the text box below or via email to mail@monash.vic.gov.au