Privacy collection statement

Monash City Council (“Council”) collects personal information to process submissions to Planning Scheme Amendments under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and related purposes which the individual to whom the information relates may reasonably expect.

Council will not release or provide access to personal information to any other person or body, unless:

  1. It has been authorised to do so by the person to whom the information relates;
  2. It is permitted or required to do so by law; or
  3. It is appropriate or required in the performance of the functions of Council.

If the requested information is not provided we may not be able to process the submission. An individual may access their personal information by contacting Council’s Privacy Officer via email at

Public availability requirements

It is important to note that under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 submissions to planning scheme amendments are subject to public availability requirements.

The public availability requirements require Council to make copies of submissions available to view in person, or make copies available electronically and for on demand viewing in person, up until the end of 2 months after the amendment comes into operation or lapses.

Council makes copies of submissions available electronically and for on demand viewing in person. When doing so, Council must delete personal information from copies of submissions available electronically, with the exception of the address of the property affected by the Amendment.

Enquiries about the public availability requirements should be directed to Council’s Strategic Planning team ( and any concerns you have about privacy or the way your personal information has been treated should be sent to