During the COVID-19 pandemic, temporary outdoor dining was set up in activity centres. Now, Council wants you to have your say on potential options moving forward, and to consider what all traders and the community think may or may not be appropriate.

Your participation and feedback is important. Council is keen to understand the community’s views on the benefit of these areas and how it prioritises these areas with the need to also provide parking in the activity centre. We want to consider all views before making a decision.

With the onset of the pandemic, hospitality businesses were hit hard with restrictions that at times meant some businesses were unable to operate, or at the very least, trade was limited to those who could provide takeaway service.

As restrictions eased, some businesses were able to set up temporary enhanced outdoor dining areas to allow them to operate. This saw traders able to extend service on footpaths next to adjacent businesses, or parts of the road usually set aside for car parking were temporarily re-purposed to accommodate outdoor dining.

The current temporary arrangements were set up very quickly to assist traders and were never intended to be permanent, and these areas will shortly be decommissioned.

Council has now decided to explore options for the development of additional outdoor dining areas (whether they be permanent, semi-permanent or seasonal) to replace some car spaces in Activity Centres across Monash.

Council will consider what could be the options for additional enhanced outdoor dining areas, which would not only lead to better areas, but also outcomes that are fully paid for by businesses (should they seek to take up any opportunity) as opposed to Council.

We are seeking feedback from all businesses within Activity Centres, and also the broader community, to gather your views on these enhanced outdoor dining areas before making any decisions on how to proceed, if at all.

Have your say

Tell us via the form below (community or business operator) about your preferences and experiences with outdoor dining in Monash. The consultation closes at 4pm on Wednesday 24 August 2022.


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