Project update

Thank you to all participants in this project. See the engagement report below.

Results of the consultation


The Monash Public Library Service consistently achieves high scores in Council’s annual Community Satisfaction Surveys, however industry surveys indicate active engagement of library services is declining.

While traditional lending services continue to be popular, the use of public libraries is changing.

Traditional measures of engagement based on lending data do not adequately reflect the various reasons people might use libraries, and risk under-reporting usage or neglecting opportunities to engage with community groups requiring services other than traditional lending.

Our library service aims to help the people of Monash be lifelong learners, increase their literacy, and be connected to a resilient community. Can you help us plan for the future?

Purpose of engagement

We are inviting members of the Monash community to participate in a focus group which will explore how Monash libraries can continue to be of service to the community.

This consultation process will consider barriers and opportunities for increasing active library membership within the Monash community. We want to explore:

  • why members cease actively using library services,
  • what would assist current members make more use of the library
  • what would attract non-users to engage with the library

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How to get involved

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