Council’s Leasing and Licensing Policy was adopted in August 2017 (2017 Policy) and is now due for a review to ensure it continues to reflect community expectations.

We have created a new draft Leasing and Licencing Policy (New Policy) and sought your feedback on it by Monday 24 June 2024.

The draft policy is intended to provide a framework for the consistent, fair and transparent allocation of Council owned and managed land and buildings.

What are the amendments?

The New Policy seeks to update the 2017 Policy by:

  • Ensuring consistency and transparency of approach
  • Identifying Council’s legislative requirements for leasing of its property assets as required by the Local Government Act 2020
  • Changes and updates following a review of the existing policy
  • Setting Council’s expectations with behaviours by tenants occupying Council’s property assets which will be captured as tenant obligations in the occupancy agreement.

See the Key Changes in the New Policy under the FAQ section on this page.

How to participate

Consultation closed Monday 24 June 2024. The community's feedback was sought via:

Read the Draft Leasing and Licencing Policy

Privacy Statement

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