Project updates


On 2 September 2021, the State Government announced a contribution of $4 million towards the development of a new main pavilion at Jack Edwards Reserve at 22-38 Edward Street Oakleigh.

Council has been working closely with the Oakleigh Cannons Football Club (the resident club) to improve facilities and provide greater access to contemporary facilities for women’s and girls’ teams.


The concept and schematic designs for the development propose a new pavilion on the western boundary with 500 undercover grandstand seats, a 200m2 multi-purpose space for community use, and compliant amenities. This would accommodate an increase in football participation, particularly by female teams, and to meet National Premier League (NPL) standards.

The development of the new pavilion requires the upgrade of sports floodlighting infrastructure (30m poles) around the main pitch which would be designed to Australian Standards.

The proposed new pavilion and grandstand supports the club’s goals to:

  • continue competing in the NPL
  • cater for a female team
  • host men’s and women’s double-headers

The project includes a multi-purpose space that would be managed by Council so the football club’s needs would be met on training and match days, and broader community groups would benefit at other times from the use of this space.


The cost associated with delivering the new pavilion is estimated $16.4 million.

At the 26 April 2022 Council meeting, Council agreed to commit up to $8.2 million towards the project (leaving a shortfall of about $4.2 million) and is seeking further funding from other groups including the State and Federal Government and the Oakleigh Cannons Football Club.

Preliminary concept layout designs

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