Project updates

Gender Equity Framework adopted by Council

The revised Gender Equity Framework was adopted by Council at the meeting on 22 February 2022.

The updated Framework can be found on the Monash Council Website.

Details of the results of consultation and Council decision are here.


Council's previous Gender Equity Strategy 2015 - 2020 has been reviewed. The updated strategy provides a policy statement and strategic direction to ensure we are meeting our obligations both to community, and under the Gender Equality Act 2020 to promote gender equality.

The Gender Equity Framework will benefit the community by ensuring that Council’s strong commitment to gender equity is maintained and built upon. It aims to ensure that everyone can have full access to community life and assist in addressing primary prevention of violence against women and family violence. It provides a list of key recommendations for Council, including the priority settings in which we will focus our work.

We want to hear from everyone in our community, no matter their gender, to understand if we have got this right. From 28 October to 26 November, Council invites your feedback on the draft Monash Gender Equity Framework. The final plan will be submitted to Council in January 2022.

Consultation on the draft Gender Equity Strategy is open from 28 October to 14 December 2021