Project update

With budget approval, detailed design is underway. Construction is expected to commence in July 2024.


The Gateway shopping centre is a busy activity centre located at a prominent intersection of two major roads (north-west corner of Springvale Road and Dandenong Road / Princes Highway).

We are looking to upgrade this activity centre to create an attractive destination for people to visit and socialise. The improvements would include upgrading pedestrian safety and access, providing better outdoor dining opportunities for local businesses and encouraging more visitors to the centre.

We have prepared a preliminary concept design and are now seeking feedback from our community to be considered in the final concept design.

What we are proposing

  • Widening the footpath and adding new trees and street furniture for greenery, public seating and outdoor dining opportunities
  • Installing a pedestrian crossing and two accessible parking bays in accordance with safety standards
  • Introducing a speed limit reduction within the access and parking areas of the centre, subject to authority approval and adding two new road humps, to ensure pedestrian safety
  • Investigating an off-road bike path link from the Dandenong Road service lane to the shopping centre, subject to budget approval.

The accessible parking bays and pedestrian crossing are required to meet accessibility needs and comply with safety standards requirements. To install these, it is necessary to remove 5 out of 60 existing parking spaces.

To offset this change and promote higher visitor and economic turnover, we are proposing 2-hour limits for 25 existing parking spaces in the car park adjacent to Springvale Road. The remaining 17 all-day parking spaces will be retained.

Please refer to the detailed proposed parking time limits document.

Preliminary concept design

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Draft Concept Plan of proposed street upgrades to The Gateway Shopping Centre

How to provide feedback

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