Project update

Following community consultation in which no submissions were received, Council has adopted the Complaints Policy as proposed at its meeting of 14 December 2021. Read the Council Report and decision here.

City of Monash Complaints Policy and Process


In March 2020 a new Local Government Act was introduced in Victoria. Under Section 107 of the Act, all councils are required to adopt and maintain a complaints policy with certain statutory inclusions.

To meet our statutory obligation, Council has developed a draft City of Monash Council Complaints Policy 2021 and we are inviting the community to provide feedback.

About the Complaints Policy

The purpose of the Complaints Policy is to outline how Council manages complaints.

Any member of our community has the right to make a complaint. This includes residents, customers, people who live, work, study or conduct business in the municipal area, or those who visit, use or enjoy the services, facilities and public places in the Monash area.

How to provide your feedback

Responses to the draft Complaints Policy must be provided by a written submission.

Submissions must be received before 5 pm on 08 November 2021.

Submissions should include your feedback on the draft Complaints Policy and your reasons for holding that view.

Submissions are not confidential and may be incorporated or summarised (including your first and last name) into the agenda and minutes of any Council or Committee meeting that considers the plan. These documents will be published and publicly available on Council websites.

Step 1. Review the draft Complaints Policy

Step 2. Submit feedback - sign up or login first

There are two ways to make your submission.

1. Complete the submission form online below, by clicking on 'Sign Up' or Login' in the 'Join the conversation today' box below, then complete the submission form.

2. Post a submission marked 'Submission on Draft Complaints Policy 2021' and addressed to City of Monash, PO Box 1, Glen Waverley Victoria 3150 or email:, attention Nick Andrianis.

Submissions must contain your name, address and contact details. Please also state if you, or a person acting on your behalf, wish to speak at the Council meeting in support of your submission. Submitters wishing to speak to their submissions will be invited to attend the Council committee meeting at 7pm on 16 November 2021.

Submissions close at 5 pm on 08 November 2021.