Families in Monash

In the City of Monash, there are 29,580 families with children, which makes up 45.6% of the total households in the council area. By 2031 there will be 36,125 households with children living in Monash.

Children and young people are the future of the City of Monash and ensuring they are supported is key to them thriving in this future.

Why are we doing this?

Seeking and listening to the voices of children, young people and their families is essential to form the Monash Strategy for Children, Young People, and their Families 2026, and the fulfillment of the Monash Council Plan and Monash Health and Wellbeing Plan.

In 2021, young people aged 10-25 living in the City of Monash were consulted on their interests, issues and concerns.

We are now focusing on the opinions of children and young people aged 0-13, and their families to identify the needs, aspirations, and service gaps within the City of Monash.

How to get involved

Help us understand what is important for children and young people to thrive by answering these questions.

All children are welcome to participate if they are not already participating through their school, kindergarten or childcare centre. Please check with a trusted adult first.

Educational settings

Some children will participate in the consultation through facilitated sessions at their school, kindergarten or childcare centre.

Children 0-7 years

Middle years children 8-13

Parents and Carers