Project updates

Welcome to our community panel who will help shape future budgets

We have reached the final stage of engagement on our Annual Planning Process. As part of this process we need to think about Council's long term financial impact. Our panel will make recommendations to Councillors on their thoughts on Council's long term plans. To help inform this recommendation, the panel will hear from Council staff and review Council's long term plans and community engagement report.

Our panel was randomly selected to Monash’s diverse community, with people from our suburbs representing different age groups, genders, cultural backgrounds.

Members of the panel will take part in three meetings in May, two online via Zoom and one in-person meeting at our Civic Centre in Glen Waverley.

How we have consulted so far


Each year we prepare an annual budget which outlines how we will deliver services and programs to the community.

The budget will cover things like managing our waste, upgrading our infrastructure, community facilities and parks, operating our libraries, recreation centres, events and festivals, and services to people at all stages of life.

Our aim is to deliver a fair and financially responsible budget which responds to the needs of our community and focuses on delivering critical projects to ensure ratepayers get the best value from their investment.

We are seeking your ideas to help us prioritise the types of projects and services you want Council to consider, before we start working on the budget. Your feedback will be taken into account in our draft budget.

Council has identified 20 strategies for Budget funding based on our Council Plan 2021-25

The Plan is set out under four strategic objectives:

  • Sustainable city
  • Inclusive services
  • Enhance our open spaces and activity
  • Good governance

The Council Plan was developed through extensive consultation with our community.

Our 2023-24 Budget will set out approximately $296 million expenditure with much of this committed to funding essential services and community services. Essential services include rubbish and recycling collections; road, footpath and drainage maintenance; and infrastructure projects in line with our 2021-2025 Council Plan.

The chart below shows how many dollars were spent on each key service area for every $1000 spent in 2021-22.

You can help shape the budget for 2023-24

We’ve made it easier for you to share ideas as we develop Council’s budget for 2023-24.

Council is eager to hear from the community on:

  • How we invest across our services, by reflecting on the operating budget
  • What the community priorities are, by telling us what you think we should do first
  • Your own project ideas

Your input will be used to help guide Councillors about what our community would like to prioritise. You can also submit a specific budget idea or proposal for consideration on behalf of yourself or a community group or organisation.

You also have the opportunity below to nominate a project that you think should be considered for funding by Council, with the chance to present this to an Additional Meeting of Council on Tuesday 6 December at 6pm. You can do this on behalf of yourself or a local organisation.

Pop-up Listening Posts

Monash Council is scheduling in-person opportunities at community gathering locations throughout Monash. Come and give us your feedback in person.

Thursday 17 November 2022

Oakleigh 4 to 6.30pm

Oakleigh Shopping Centre (indoors) and Eaton Mall

Thursday 24 November 2022

Mount Waverley 11am to 1pm

Hamilton Square, off Stephensons Rd

Sunday 27 November 2022

Mulgrave 8am to 2pm

Mulgrave Farmers Market & Sunday Craft Market

Corner of Wellington Rd & Jacksons Rd

Tuesday 6 December 2022

Glen Waverley 10am to 12noon

The Glen Shopping Centre Forecourt

Monday 12 December 2022

Glen Waverley 4 to 6pm

Glen Waverley Library Forecourt


Consultation closed on 13 December 2022. Click the 'follow' button to receive email alerts as the project progresses.

Project priorities

Consultation closes on 13 December 2022. Click the 'follow' button to receive email alerts as the project progresses.

Nominate a project

Consultation closes on 13 December 2022. Click the 'follow' button to receive email alerts as the project progresses.