Project update

Consultation reached out to more than 600 nearby residents via a letter drop and an on-site meeting in addition to this page. Monash Council Engineering, Urban Design and Horticulture departments have evaluated the small amount of feedback and all residents in the area have been informed of the decision to proceed with the construction without change to the plan.


The Avendon Estate Cypress Windrow Management Plan has been implemented in stages since 2013 and is nearing completion.

The management plan has guided the replacement of the windrows of Cypress trees surrounding the estate with new, more suitable tree plantings together with civil works to improve urban design features.

Stage 10

We have now completed the landscape and civil design plans for Stage 10 which address Avendon Boulevard Reserve, Glen Waverley.

The design comprises

  • new street tree planting of 19 advanced Chinese Elms to replace the cypresses
  • civil works and landscape improvements at the Aitchison Court end of Avendon Boulevard Reserve, Glen Waverley.

The planned works include an upgraded footpath and landscape rock formations that will improve amenity and access to the park space.

The civil and landscape works proposed are:

  • Construction of a concrete footpath to replace the gravel path
  • Improved drainage and swales to address water overflow
  • Planted embankments and mulching
  • Pink mudstone landscape rocks to retain soil along the steps
  • Mudstone retaining rocks at overland flowpath / cascade
  • Recycled log seats

Concrete path construction requires tree removal

In order to construct the concrete path to replace the existing gravel path, it will be necessary to remove 9 trees at various spots along the route.

The proposed concrete path upgrade provides greater access to people with mobility aids and prams. It also brings the path up to Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance standard.

The Avendon Boulevard Tree Report provides photos and the assessment of the trees to be removed or pruned:

  • 4 Allocasuarinas
  • 4 Eucalypts that are dead or dying
  • 1 Acacia in fair health but compromised by construction of new path
  • 1 Leptospermum to be pruned.

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