Tell us if road humps should be installed in your street

Residents of Windsor Avenue, Mount Waverley have raised concerns about the way traffic is using the street. Feedback from all residents of the street will be considered when determining whether Council will proceed with any traffic management treatment.

Road humps installation proposal

Windsor Avenue is under consideration for traffic management treatment. Your feedback will help Council determine whether to proceed with the proposed treatment.

The modified flat topped road hump

We propose to use 'full width' road humps to control the speed of vehicles and provide a smoother drive while reducing noise. Kerbside parking is not affected.

Road humps that are lower in height and installed at regular spacing are the preferred design to encourage motorists to adopt a more uniform speed along the street, instead of repeated acceleration and braking, which often occurs when the humps are higher and further apart.

Resident poll

All households in Windsor Avenue are encouraged to participate in the poll.

Resident participation and ownership of these proposed changes are important for this project to proceed. We require feedback on the concept, as well as overall support from residents along Windsor Avenue, before we can move into a design phase.

To participate, you will need the resident code provided in the letter we sent to you. If you don't have it, please contact us.